The ABC of Renting Quality Luxury Sailing Yachts

As with all modes of transportation, speed is a vital consideration in water vehicles: In trade and commerce, less travel time from your port origin towards the destination means more profits for your freight company. During wars at sea, ships that can manoeuvre faster are more inclined to defeat their rivals. In leisure and in sports, speedboats that break speed records buying the trophy and therefore are simply more thrilling to ride. This is also truth when you decide to charter a sailing yacht in the Ionian islands, in Greece, for example.

If you simply want to spend your Whitsunday adventure peacefully, then what better way to pay it rather than join a cruise. There are lots of tour operators in Whitsunday that arrange guided tours to clients which take pleasure in the island with less anxiety. The best thing about attending guided tours is basically that you will track an itinerary arranged by the tour operators so you have less worries about idle time. However, you’ll not be able to do side trips because your schedule is controlled through your tour operator. Nevertheless, joining guided tours is the best strategy to have a worry-free vacation.

This week we sent salty seadog Josh McCarty, our ocean adventurer, to uncover the current buzz surrounding classic wooden sailing boats. As he sets sail we asked him when it comes to boats is wood better than plastic?

A fortnight ago I looked at the therapeutic properties of the ocean, for sailing has always provided a tranquillity that is hard to replicate.

I pondered, do the plastic scales tip, with the buzz I get from sailing a trusty wooden vessel?

When feeling the need for speed, like most hot-blooded males I’d have to say plastic, fibreglass, and carbon fibre craft are always first around the finishing buoy with little wood in sight. Yet as you start to cringe, I do appreciate it’s not all about speed and that a haptic old wooden boat offers what the French call Je ne sais quoi. I believe the translation is something romantic along the lines of; slow wooden boats that require continual TLC are actually very desirable.

Luxury Cruising on a Sailing Yacht

If you are venturing in the fishing industry, choose a boat or ship that’s sturdy enough to hold your catch. Also, take into account the boat’s power, range and fuel tank, particularly when it is an offshore vessel. On the other hand, recreational boats like water sports boats have different specifications depending on its use, nevertheless the most typical option is the dinghy and bow riders. Just to be sure, call the nearest harbour masters and fishery officers inside your local.

The unique underwater realm of Thailand provides perfect balance between peace, variety, unspoiled nature and thrilling dive sites which made Thailand the most effective places to get a deep-sea diving holiday. The unsurpassed service and the friendliness of the Thai people increases the unique experience.

It has been a busy year for USWatercraft. Already well known as a licensed builder of Jboats, and owner and builder of Alerion Yachts and True North Yachts, their acquisition of the C&C Yachts brand has born two new models in 2014. Scuttlebutt caught up with USWatercraft President Randy Borges for an update…

How did the C&C brand become part of the USWatercraft family?

C&C Yachts has always been near and dear to me. I grew up sailing on and against many C&Cs in Youngstown, NY, right across the river from Niagara on the Lake where they were being built. The principles and staff of C&C were revered and well respected back then. C&C always had the most modern, fastest and best looking boats.

I got the opportunity to work on and commission new C&Cs for RCR Yachts during my summers off from high school and made many visits to the plant. I can still recall daydreaming and doodling C&C pencil drawings on my school note books back then. You know, the racked bow and reverse transoms! Don’t forget the distinctive cast aluminum toerail.

After finishing school, I moved to Newport, RI and continued to work on and build boats, and after a few America’s Cup campaigns later, we opened Waterline Systems, and several years later began building some well-known sailboats including the J/24 and J/22. The Mumm 30s and Farr 40s followed, thanks to Yacht Charters Voyage.

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Experience our daily dive excursion, service at its best and fantastic dive sites are awaiting divers from a level. Underwater the Thai Islands have exceptional fish life, stunning soft and hard corals, a thrilling underwater topography of caverns and arches and big fish highlights including huge Giant Mantas (to never be confused with smaller, more widespread Reef Mantas), Leopard Sharks (Zebra Sharks), Whale Sharks, Barracuda, Tuna and Trevally. Richelieu Rock, specifically, is really a world spot for Whale Shark encounters.